Different Kinds of Soups


Whether it’s a cold winter evening or a summer night, soups are the best comforting, warming and luxurious start to your meal. With the use of different cooking techniques, now there are many different kinds of soups are prepared. Hundreds of recipes are invented so now a day, soups come […]

The Jazz Age of French Cuisine


French food of the 1920s paints a portrait of one of the country’s most exciting culinary periods, when ancient recipes had new life breathed in to them and the food of the poor became fine dining for the rich. Ironically, French food of the 1920s was not centered around the […]

Factors Affecting Microwave Recipes Cooking


FACTORS WHICH AFFECT COOKING Several factors which influence timing and results in conventional cooking are exaggerated by microwave speed.. From conventional cooking you are familiar with the idea that more food takes more time. Two cups of water take longer to boil than one. Size of food is important, too. […]

The Top Kid-Friendly Apps For Food


Parents, if Waitrose delivery and Waitrose groceries are growing thin and you want some other groceries styles, look no further than these ten apps for kid-friendly food that your kids will love! These apps are guaranteed to ensure your child enjoys a wide range of expertly cooked meals without the […]

Beef Tongue For Weight Loss


Tongue is the tenderest and leanest cut of beef. Great for a diet if you can get past the idea of it. It’s high in proteins and nutrients. That is why it is getting so popular. I remember they used to just about give it away till its popularity cause […]