Chicken in the Kitchen: A Cross-Contamination Risk


Three hundred shoppers participated in a review to take a look at the success of educational interventions on poultry washing before cooking. All individuals have been self-described “poultry washers.” The “treatment group” gained education and learning in emails made up of video clips and infographics advising from the practice of poultry washing. The manage team gained no academic components.

All individuals have been observed cooking hen thighs that had been inoculated with a non-pathogenic but traceable E. coli bacterial pressure. They also ready a salad. The intent of the research was to identify the extent of cross-contamination amongst the inoculated rooster, the salad, sink, and other food make contact with surfaces in the kitchen area.

The instructional portion of the examine was promising:  Ninety-3 % of the treatment groups did not clean the chicken thighs just before cooking, compared with 39% of the regulate group.

The more substantial shock was the extent of cross-contamination, not only with hen washers but also with the non-washers. Significant concentrations of E. coli have been detected in the sink and on the salad, suggesting that the germs have been transferred from the chicken, it is really packaging, and/or contaminated hands. Splashing of ‘chicken juice’ all through carcass washing was not the key perpetrator as hypothesized. Here is the breakdown of contamination:

  • Among the those washing the hen “to rinse off” micro organism, 26% of those in the command team and 30% in the educated group contaminated the salad by not washing their palms after handling the rooster.  
  • For people not rinsing the chicken, 31% of the control group and 15% of the educated group contaminated their salads.  

Whether or not washed or not, hen preparation resulted in contamination of the salad, which is alarming simply because lettuce and other salad component are not cooked right before ingesting. Though pathogens on the hen thighs would be ruined in the oven if heated sufficiently, loved ones customers could come to be infected with diarrhea-leading to pathogens from feeding on cross-contaminated, raw produce.

The suspected cross-contamination perpetrator in this research were arms, like yours and mine. Sad to say, because the review was targeted on sinks and washing, the participant’s hands have been not swabbed and assayed for the inoculated microorganisms. That data would have been valuable. Even with this study’s small-coming, the researchers suggested a additional sophisticated concept, reframing the food items protection message from “don’t clean poultry” to “wash your palms and sanitize sinks and surfaces.” Let’s review some essential tips from the USDA and CDC

  • Put together meals that will not be cooked, such as greens and salads, In advance of handling and making ready uncooked meat and poultry.
  • Comprehensively clean up and sanitize ANY surface area that has likely touched or been contaminated from raw meat and poultry, or their juices, with scorching soapy water, and then use a sanitizer.
  • Do not wash uncooked poultry. Use a individual chopping board for all uncooked meats.
  • Clean your fingers quickly right after handling uncooked meat and poultry. Moist your hands with drinking water, lather with soap, and then scrub your arms for 20 seconds. Does singing “Happy Birthday” ring any bells for the time to commit washing your palms?
  • In no way place cooked food stuff or clean deliver on a plate, chopping board, or other surfaces that previously held raw rooster.


As Julia Kid would say, “Bon Appetit!”


Resource: Julia Baby Was Improper: Do not Wash Your Uncooked Chicken, Individuals Early morning Edition, NPR

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