Creating Your Very Own Italian Herb Garden – The 7 Essential Herbs to Use


Imagine growing your very own Italian herbs from the comfort of your own home. You can create rustic and refined Italian dishes just like the restaurants, but without the hefty bill. Herbs such as basil, fennel, and even oregano are the perfect Italian herbs for any self-starter. Many of these herbs are used in some of your favorite Italian dishes such as spaghetti, marinara sauces, and even Italian sausage.

  1. Basil – Basil is heavily used in Italian cooking and should be one of the first herbs in your Italian herb garden. Basil is perfect for pesto, tomato salads, and sauces. One of the easier varieties to grow is “sweet basil”.
  2. Parsley – Usually used for plate garnish, parsley is a very herbaceous and versatile herb. You can use your parsley sprig to freshen your breath after a meal, or to cleanse your palette in between tastings. You can cook with parsley as well. Use it on garlic breads or even your favorite sauce.
  3. Oregano – This is not only a great Italian herb to use for cooking, but is very beautiful to look at. Oregano blooms with purple flowers and is the greatest addition you can make to any Italian herb garden.
  4. Fennel – Fennel is essential to Italian cooking. You can use it raw for salads and garnish, or use the seeds to flavor things like sausage and ragout. If you constantly prune your fennel plant, it will continuously grow.
  5. Rosemary – This perennial herb will grow frequently as long as it is regularly pruned. This is a perfect spice for meats and Italian cooking. You can use the leaves for seasoning and the stems are perfect for your favorite kabob recipe.
  6. Garlic – No Italian dish is complete without the use of garlic. Every Italian herb garden must have at least one small plant of garlic. Just by planting a garlic clove in any type of soil, you will automatically have your own garlic plant sprout up quickly.
  7. Sage – Sage is essential for seasoning meats and salads. You can create your own sage tea from home as well. By using the newest growth off your sage plant you will have the freshest taste.

With all of these great uses for an Italian herb garden, there is no reason you do not start one yourself. They are delectable, sweet, and perfect for any week night meal. Go to your local garden center or nursery and pick up your own kit to get started today. Always research the type of herbs you are growing, prior to beginning. Many will have different requirements for water, sunlight and nutrients. The more you know before you begin, the more successful you will be with your Italian herb gardens.

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