More than Just a Spice: 6 Amazing Black Pepper Benefits

6 Amazing Black Pepper Benefits: More than Just a Spice - NDTV Food

Black pepper has six amazing health benefits. Do not relegate black pepper to a shelf at the back of your pantry. You’ll be surprised at how many benefits it contains.

Consider black pepper again the next time you put it at the back of the shelf. You might be surprised at how many benefits it can provide. Different kinds of peppers are made from the Piperaceae family by different processing methods. It is the unripe cooked and dried fruit that makes black pepper, and it is the dried and unripe green pepper that makes white pepper.

In addition to India, pepper is grown in other tropical countries as well. Since time immemorial, it has played a significant role in history. The ancient Greeks also used it as currency. It became a major player in the world’s spice trade later on.

South India is said to be the origin of black pepper 

Pepper is grown and exported primarily in Vietnam. It is also grown in Brazil, Indonesia, and India. Despite its widespread use in cooking and garnishing, black pepper has a number of health benefits.

Black pepper has the following 6 benefits:1. Combined with turmeric, the piperine in black pepper is twice as effective in preventing cancer. The spice also contains antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A, flavonoids, and carotenoids that protect the body from cancers and diseases. In order to get the maximum benefits from pepper, it is best to consume freshly ground pepper, rather than cook it with food.

2. Again, black pepper stimulates digestion by increasing the secretion of hydrochloric acid, which aids in digestion of proteins. You will be able to digest food faster if you add some pepper to it.

3. Colds and coughs are relieved by black pepper, as it is antibacterial. Combine freshly crushed pepper with honey for a soothing remedy. Additionally, it relieves chest congestion from pollution, influenza, or viral infections. Take a steam with eucalyptus oil and hot water. Black pepper is also a good antibiotic due to its high Vitamin C content.

The health benefits of black pepper are numerous among Indian spices 

4. Black pepper extracts nutrients from food efficiently, allowing you to lose weight. In addition, its outermost layer contains phytonutrients that help to break down fat cells, as well as increase metabolism. Pepper helps to remove excess water and toxins from your body when you eat it, which is why you perspire when you eat it. Nonetheless, you should limit consumption – a pinch per meal is enough.

5. Does crushed pepper exfoliate our skin well? Did you know it’s the best exfoliant nature has ever provided? Adding honey, curd, or fresh cream to it will make it taste even better. These ingredients will also help your skin get more oxygen and blood flow. You can also use it to prevent wrinkles on your skin by adding it to your food. It is known that black pepper is beneficial in the treatment of Vitiligo, a condition characterised by the loss of pigmentation and the appearance of white patches on the skin.

6. Black pepper is said to help deal with depression because of its piperine content. Through stimulating the brain and making it more active, it helps the brain function properly.

The metabolism benefits of black pepper are also well known 

It should be stored properly

You should store black pepper in the best way possible in order to take full advantage of its benefits. Buying whole peppercorns and crushing them yourself is recommended. Spices that are stored in this way not only have a longer shelf life, but also retain their flavour. Store it in a dark, cool, and dry place in an airtight glass jar.

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