Olive Oil and Herbs Replace Popeye and Olive Oyl


Guess I’m showing my age but sounded like a spiffy title if you are of my generation that loved Popeye defending Olive Oyl from Bluto/Brutus- ( See note below on the two names )

Why do we blend fresh herbs with E.V. Olive Oil is often asked. Let me bullet point you some answers:

– EV ( Extra Virgin) Olive Oil has little flavor so you are not importing flavor to your already flavorful herb (s)
– EVOO is one of your healthier oils with little trans fat
– EVOO acts as a preservative so you can enjoy the flavors of fresh herbs all year as the oils are retained within the olive oil
– EVOO is not cloudy so the colors, patterns of the herbs can be seen in a glass jar.

In many recipes most herbs are blended in the final steps of cooking so the time the oil is heated becomes very important. EVOO will not withstand long cooking with hot temperatures. EVOO breaks down in those situations so it is best for preservation as a final touch to the recipe. One of the best applications is to use the herbally infused EVOO with a mild red or wine vinegar in a simple salad dressing. Shave a few shreds of Parmesan over fresh spinach slightly sprinkled with the herbal salad dressing and enjoy a healthy delightful treat.

– Bluto was the original name given for the first two years of the cartoon character and after two years it was decided by Hanna Barbera that “Brutus” was more fitting. Bet you didn’t know that!

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