Portable Charcoal Grills – Your Perfect Picnic Product


When you’re thinking of having a picnic for the whole family, why not barbeque meat on portable charcoal grills? These grills are a perfect picnic product because they are compact and come with foldable legs.

Portable charcoal grills can be braziers or kettle grills. With braziers, these have lids and ventilation systems that effectively allow the air to circulate in the grill, cooking the meats thoroughly and completely. The braziers don’t have lids and are ideal for grilling on a sunny summer’s day in the open air. There’s a chamber to place the charcoal and a mesh for laying out the meats. It’s best to slice the meats into a medium to thin portions so that they cook better. Thick portions of meat take a much longer time to grill.

Portable charcoal grills that are kettle grills have gained their name because they resemble kettles. These grills have a charcoal chamber, a lid and a cooking chamber. The venting system makes sure that the fumes are released during the cooing process and allows free air circulation. The foldable legs of the kettle grill make it easier for you to position the grill during a picnic.

Among the types that you can choose are the Old Smokey Classic and the Barbecook Arena Stainless Steel grills. The Old Smokey grill has been around for half a century. It’s efficient in booth holding heat and cooking meat. It can cook plenty of food simultaneously and being portable means you can cart it around for any sort of picnic you plan to have. The Arena Barbecook grill is easy to light and use in an open area.

Portable charcoal grills are a perfect picnic product for all your cooking needs out of doors. Choose a grill that’s durable and easy to use for those special family get-togethers.

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