Prime Rib vs Ribeye – Difference Between Prime Rib and Ribeye


Fun Actuality: Ree Drummond’s extremely initially blog site submit was “How To Cook dinner A Steak.” Her minimize of choice? The ribeye. Prime rib roasts and ribeye steaks are amongst the most treasured, beloved cuts of beef out there (just check with Ladd Drummond!). Both equally are gloriously loaded and tender, and although they can be expensive, you definitely get what you spend for: Just a person bite of both slice will notify you all you need to know.

But if you’re looking at primary rib vs. ribeye for your following loved ones feast or cookout, you’re in all probability asking yourself what the distinction is involving the two. Nicely, it all depends on how quite a few individuals you might be serving, how a lot time you have, and wherever you might be cooking.

Ribeye steak, for one, is so fantastic that all Ree uses on it is seasoned salt and lemon-pepper seasoning (oh, and butter!). Ree’s Key Rib, meanwhile, is even much more of a unique occasion recipe—and it’s a staple on the holiday desk. You can not go incorrect with either of these cuts.

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Is ribeye the exact minimize as primary rib?

Nevertheless key rib is ordinarily served in dining places as a “steak” or a slice of meat, it is always cooked as part of a greater roast (known as a standing rib roast) prior to it’s sliced into servings. Key rib is an spectacular slice of meat that is a lot easier to make than it looks—though as Ree points out, overcooking this particular-situation lower would be a tragedy of epic proportions, so arm by yourself with a meat thermometer or just take the techniques essential to babysit this roast right until it’s just ideal.

The ribeye really comes from a key rib roast (or standing rib roast) in advance of it is cooked, so a ribeye is categorised as a steak. In a nutshell, key rib constantly starts its journey to a lucky plate as a roast a ribeye always commences out as a steak. Both, however, arrive from the identical minimize of beef.


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American butchers will split down a cow into 8 parts—or primal cuts, in butcher jargon. Equally ribeyes and prime rib appear from the rib primal cut, which is positioned toward the forequarter of the cow, large on the back wherever the muscle does not get significantly work out, resulting in the prized fatty marbling.

Ribeye steaks and prime rib (read: standing rib roasts) are what is acknowledged as the sub-primal cuts of a rib primal slice, which means that they are secondary cuts of meat after the cow is to begin with broken down. (Pleasurable simple fact #2: A “cowboy steak” is a bone-in ribeye with an exposed rib bone.)

Which is better—ribeye or prime rib?

It is not so considerably that one particular reduce is better—or worse—than the other, it is much more that they’re cooked in different ways and serve distinctive functions, even while they’re from the exact cut of beef. Ribeye steaks are perfect on the grill or seared on a warm cast-iron pan: They ought to be cooked quickly over direct warmth. Primary rib, on the other hand, is cooked as a roast: It’s normally seared to build a crust prior to staying transferred to the oven to finish cooking gradually.


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Prime rib may possibly be greater suited for a holiday getaway desk with lots of mouths to feed and the time and care vital to cook it right ribeyes are ready in minutes and are most likely improved for date night time or a modest barbecue. Also preserve in mind that the taste of these cuts vary really a bit based mostly on the cooking process: The sluggish-roasting of key rib tends to yield a extra tender reduce of beef, whilst a seared steak may perhaps attraction additional to those people who desire a crisp and crackly char.

Which is far more expensive—prime rib or ribeye?

While the closing response to this question will count on your grocery store or butcher, key rib tends to be the reduce necessitating a deeper pocket, if only due to the fact the ultimate products generally feeds far more than 1 and may include a rib or upwards of 7. Nonetheless, as a steak, ribeyes are amid the priciest of the large amount thanks to their deliciously successful features.

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