Recipes For Lowering Cholesterol: The Way To Live Healthy


Are you looking for the best recipes for lowering high cholesterol? Are you watching closely what you eat, your food choices, the amount of food, and possibly your calorie intake? Then, you need to look over this valuable resource to get yourself back into great health.

First, you must exercise. But be sure to exercise moderately. Do not push yourself too much because excessive exercise could stress you out. Second, choose the right kind of food. You need to eat a very low-fat diet. Avoid fatty foods. If you exercise and eat a low-fat diet, the bad cholesterol (LDL) will certainly drop while your good cholesterol (HDL) will increase.

In the basic food groups, there are two sources of cholesterol. One is the kind of food that comes from animals, which includes foods like cheese, butter, cream, milk and eggs. The second comes from foods which are high in saturated fats, which includes foods that are rich in oil content, especially fried foods. This is known as trans fats, which are used in processed foods, also known as hydrogenated oil. This increases your bad cholesterol while decreasing your good cholesterol in your body.

So, here are the recipes for lowering high cholesterol:

First, you need to eat whole grains. These are significant sources of soluble fiber that will aid your body in the absorption of bad cholesterol from your blood stream. What you can simply do is replace your bread made from white flour with whole grain bread or a wheat bread.

Second, eat oats during breakfast. Oats, oat meal, or oat bran cereal are rich in soluble fiber which helps lower bad cholesterol. Aside from eating healthy and eliminating bad cholesterol, this will help you have regular bowel movement.

Third, choose fruits for your snacks or in-between meals instead of junk foods with processed sugar. This is a great choice, instead of eating highly sweetened and fatty snacks. Fruit that are good sources of soluble fiber are those rich in vitamin C. It also includes grapes, berries, and currant. Just don’t overdo too much fruit because fruit also contains sugar and causes insulin to be released in the body, which ultimately raises cholesterol, too.

Fourth, eat nuts. Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that help reduce cholesterol. It includes walnuts, almonds, pecans, peanuts, pistachios and pine-nuts. But do not over eat nuts because they have a lot of calories. Based on the American FDA, a handful of nuts a day is enough to lower high cholesterol level in body. It could also lower the risk of heart diseases.

Fifth, another source of polyunsaturated food in the extra virgin olive oil. Only use the kind that say ‘first cold pressed.’ Olive oil helps to increase your HDL or good cholesterol. Include some extra virgin oil in your recipes for lowering high cholesterol.

Sixth, you need to eat lots and lots of green, leafy vegetables. Vegetables are rich sources of low-fat protein. Spinach, kale and broccoli are excellent. Eat as much of these as you can. You could also have garlic, avocado, legumes or beans. You can actually make a delicious meal by combining many of these ingredients.

Lastly, eating fish, particularly the mackerel, halibut, herring, sardines, trout, and fresh salmon and tuna are great foods to include in your recipes for lowering high cholesterol. These foods are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that improve your LDL: HDL cholesterol ratio. They also help prevent high blood pressure and the risk of blood clot formation in the body. The recommended intake should be 2-3 portions of fish per week. Other sources of omega 3 are found in flaxseed, canola oil and flaxseed oil.

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