The Ideal Way – How Ideal Macaroni Grew Their Business


The Ideal Macaroni and Spaghetti Factory knows that it has to keep looking for better ways to retain its loyal customers and attract new ones.

Henry Lim, its vice president for sales and marketing, gives the following guides and pointers how to achieve it:

Upgrade your production technologies

In the case of Ideal, its automated machines helped the company attain consistency in quality and achieve greater efficiencies. Among other advantages, this enabled the company to meet the strict product standards of restaurants, thus further expanding its pasta market.

Use premium materials

Ideal’s premium pasta uses imported wheat, and its over pasta products are made from high-grade, enriched wheat flour.

Pass on savings to consumers

Try to keep your overhead low so that you could sell your products at more affordable prices.

Introduce easy-to-prepare, affordable recipes

In keeping with Philippine tradition, pasta is still primarily served during the special occasions. You can change this consumption picture by introducing easy-to-cook pasta recipes, like what Ideal has been doing.

Join Trade Fairs

By doing so, it can help you meet new clients and raise product awareness.

Expand your product line

Do not stop on what you already have. Expand. As a strategic measure, you may need other products to back up your main product. In the case of Ideal, it also offers Australia Harvest oatmeal and Morrison Farms premium pop corn, sourcing them from Australia and the United States, respectively.

We certainly hope that these tips from the vice president of Ideal Paste gave many want to-be businessmen out there motivation to succeed.

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