Ways To Farm Gold In Cataclysm – Fishing For Gold!


I know that not many players like fishing in World of Warcraft. However, this way you can make a lot of gold. All you need to do is know what to fish and where. So in this short WoW gold guide, I’m going to tell you how to farm gold in Cataclysm, and make nice profits, by fishing.

But before I tell you exactly where to go and what fishes to catch, it’s important for you to know one thing. Having a high fishing skill to be able to fish in high level waters is no longer necessary. You only need 1 fishing skill to be able to use a fishing pole and you’ll be able to always catch a fish if your casts land into a school of fish. You probably know how a school of fish or pile of floating debris looks like in World of Warcraft, so I won’t waste your time describing it once more.

And now, here are two types of valuable fish and other stuff that you can get using this secondary profession.

1. Sunscale Salmon. Catching this type of fish can be a very rewarding way to farm gold in Cataclysm. Before the Shattering, this fish could be caught in Eastern Plaguelands. It can be still caught inside Stratholme, in Eastern Plaguelands, but its new home is Blasted Lands nowadays. Why is this fish valuable? Simply because there aren’t many alternatives for cooks to boost their skill from 250 to 300 and they pretty much have to resort to cooking Sunscale Salmon or Nightfin Snapper. By the way, Sunscale Salmon can be caught only during daytime. During night you will catch Nightfin Snappers, but they are the same as the salmon, used for the same type of cooking recipes.

2. Fathom Eels and Sealed Crates. You can catch these both in Tol Barad Peninsula. These eels are used for the Seafood Magnifique Feast, a very important food for raiding. Especially Wednesdays when the raiding content is restarted, these fish sell pretty well and for high prices. Along with the Fathom Eel schools, you will find Shipwreck Debris piles in Tol Barad Peninsula. If you fish in these piles of debris, you will get Sealed Crates which contain all kinds of useful stuff, from Volatile elements, to flowers or mineral ore. The most important resources that can be found in these crates are the Embersilk Cloth and Heavy Savage Leather.

Of course, there are many more other methods to farm gold in Cataclysm. However, if you would like to learn them all, I strongly recommend a much more solid WoW gold guide.

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