“What’s your flavor?”: Orange County to feature heritage cooking exhibit


The Orange County Historical Museum is set to unveil its new heritage cooking show on Feb. 4, titled “What’s Your Taste.”

The exhibit is set to function a assorted group of North Carolina artists. Courtney Smith, exhibits and applications coordinator for the Orange County Historical Museum, claimed heritage cooking is a 20-initial-century strategy about cooking strategies that have been handed on from era to generation. 

It will be structured into 5 taste groups: sweet, salty, savory, tangy and spicy. The elements will be further structured chronologically and will examine ingredient usage more than time in Orange County. 

“For illustration, under sweets, certainly you have received to have sugar, but also honey, and tree syrup and butter,” she claimed. “And then less than tangy, you have items like vinegar.”

Smith stated the topic was picked by the City of Hillsborough Tourism Board following getting area desire into thought. 

But she was not sure at very first what path the show would go in. 

“I began acquiring anxious because, you know, grandma could possibly educate you the recipe or educate you how to bake the bread, but you won’t be able to put grandma in a display screen,” she stated. “The concern then grew to become, what are we likely to place in the display situations?”

The board offered cooking artifacts these kinds of as jam jars, meat grinders and skillets to Smith. From these objects, she said she obtained the thought to do the job with regional artists.

“I pitched the concept to the board of doing the job with these artists to have them structure the show circumstances and make functions of art encouraged by the artifacts,” she stated. “I considered that would be a lot more visually attention-grabbing.”

For artist Jermaine “J.P.” Powell, who specializes in operating with plates, the exhibit was a great probability to experiment with fine china.

“That round condition was very iconic to me, so I made use of that shape to resonate with cooking,” he claimed. “It was a pleasant relationship between my artwork piece and the utensils they have for the exhibit.”

Artist Tom Stevens, who researched children’s literature at UNC, painted a landscape influenced by the guide “In the Evening Kitchen” by Maurice Sendak.

Stevens took inspiration from an image in the guide of a cityscape from a child’s issue of watch. 

“It truly is all composed of boxes and milk cartons and kitchen utensils,” he said. “And when I looked at the artifacts, it reminded me of this, and I made a decision to make a much more whimsical piece of artwork.”

His function substitutes some pieces of Sendak’s first illustration for neighborhood folks, locations and points.

“One of my artifacts was a teapot,” he explained. “There’s a neighbor who has, in her lawn, a teapot tree. She adjustments out these teapots just about every time. So some of them are incredibly, very hyperlocal.”

Artist Carlos González García was motivated by crystal salt shakers. González García’s piece performs on the condition of salt grains.

Beneath a microscope, a grain of salt is sq., González García said. For the exhibit, he established a monochromatic round mosaic that was designed out of person, more compact squares. 

To González García, heritage cooking is reminiscent of standard Mexican dishes.

“Heritage cooking would be one thing extremely conventional to Mexican food, which is using pretty organic purely natural substances to make exclusive recipes, like pozole,” he explained. “Pozole’s authentic famed and depends on every point out. It variations how they make it.”

Smith claims the show celebrates not only one’s heritage, but family as very well.

“It is great to acquire a second to celebrate family members and to rejoice the traditions that have been handed down,” she stated. “Tasting and savoring and sharing whenever you sit down to share a meal is such a bonding, uniting practical experience.”


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